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Charles Pope, lead member, original member and the brother of the late Joe Pope, Lead Singer of the Tams. Charles has been singing for 39 years. Born August 7th, 1936 in Atlanta , Ga. Charles has taken over the Tams since the death of his brother. Lots of people see Charles and think he's Joe. Charles has sung several songs on the Tams albums like "Might as Well Forget Him" , most people call it Walk the Streets at Night.

Albert Cottle better known as Lil' Redd, has been singing with the Tams since the age of 7 years old. Lil' Redd is the youngest member of the Tams. He's been singing and dancing for 24 years. He made his first appearance at the Adminal Show Room in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Most fans call him the fastest feet in show business. Born on August 2, 1969 in Atlanta, Ga
Joe Jones joined the Tams 27 years ago, Joe sings first Tenor and some of the lead. Joe has recorded on two albums of the Tams. Born in Atlanta, Ga on June 25th, 1946. Joe has been around so long that he has his own following. He is a great asset to the group.
Robert Arnold is an original member of the Tams band 14-K Gold, he join the Tams as a member after the death of Horace Key, in 1991. Robert was born in Atlanta, Ga on April 21, 1954.